Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunshine in Spain

Last night, I dreamt I was in Spain with my new manager. I walked down a long flight of shallow wooden stairs to the beach, the sunset was beautiful it was purple and pink the whole sky was lit up that way, with the palm trees as a backdrop. I took a photo and posted it on Facebook, then I remembered nobody knew I was there. I thought that was a bad idea. I put my phone back in my pocket and forgot about it. 

We were walking through sand and I remember thinking this is why I don't go to the beach alone, because I wouldn't be able to run away if something happened. We were discussing what to do next, I said I wanted lunch. He said he refused to eat octopus, and that was all they served. An older lady overheard us, we were walking up the stairs and she was walking down. She had painted on eyebrows, but they were so small and short I just remember staring at them as she talked. She said "they serve more than just octopus, it's like a seaside soiree. They do serve only seafood, but there's more than octopus." As we were walking away, my manager said "we only just ate a half hour ago." I asked him what time it was, I said I was hungry when I really was not. He said it was only 10am. I asked "what does it matter, the company is paying for our lunch anyway?" He was silent, which made me wonder if that was not the case. 

I remembered I only had a few dollars in my purse. We walked by a display with a cooler full of octopus and squid. They were all bright green in color, but otherwise looked normal. There were also larger pieces that were just round octopus heads. I just remember there were flies all over it and that made me feel sick. We tried to shoo the flies away so I could take a picture. 

We kept walking and saw these beautiful cats everywhere. They were just wandering around. I distinctly remember one that jumped up near us was all black and looked like a panther. It had a beautiful black coat and jumped with elegance and grace. I walked out of a door and said out loud  "this cat does not have a collar, should I not let her out the door? I don't want her to get away." A stranger, an Indian man, said "we don't do ouchies here." I looked at him puzzled and asked what he meant. He said "we do not allow collars they are outlawed" and made a gesture like his finger going across his neck and hanging himself. I let the cat out next to me, she was black and white and very clean. I was petting her when the panther came back. I noticed that the panther had a little bit of white on her chest, so I convinced myself that it wasn't really a panther just a neat looking cat. I started to walk down the same steps again, and the sun was shining. I asked what happened as the sun had just set. I asked a stranger if it was like Alaska where there's a constant light period. The woman laughed at me and said "of course. The sun only sets for a short time here." I remember thinking that I didn't understand why I never knew that. Then I woke up. 


sprinkles said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you posted. I stopped posting because no one else was.

You always have the most interesting dreams.

GirlX said...

I honestly haven't remembered most of my dreams recently, or they were so brief it was like a passing thought rather than a story. I have noticed that around this time of year (March/April) and also around the next daylight savings time change (October/November) every year, I seem to recount my dreams very clearly. Kind of interesting. I'd love to post more if only I could remember them :)