Monday, April 7, 2008

You Say Toe-May-Toe, I Say Toe-Mah-Toe

my very first post!

i always have very weird dreams and this one is no exception.

so my mom knocks on my door to wake me up and walks into my bedroom. she proceeds to go to the closet and open it up, asking what i wanted to wear that day. i was an adult in the dream so i'm not sure why she seemed to think she needed to come over to my house and help me get dressed but i didn't question it at the time, i just told her i wanted to wear a dress. she said it was windy and nasty outside so a dress probably wouldn't be an appropriate choice. i was still in bed under the covers at this point so i pulled back the sheets and showed her my left leg. growing out my leg was some kind of thick, leafy plant - like a tomato plant, although i'm not sure if it was a tomato plant or not. as i held out my leg, i said, "but if i wear pants i'll crush my plant and it's just starting to grow out so nicely!"

that's it. that's alls i remember.


CëRïSë said...


strovska said...

oh, that's a great dream!

sprinkles said...

why thank you both! i'm not sure how i linked to this blog but i've been reading for awhile now and am glad to be a contributor!

m said...

this was an awesome dream for you first post... it's creepy and funny at the same time. welcome!!