Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Dollar Off Sandwiches and Lesbians

I dreamed that BNB and I were finished with work (somewhere I didn't recognize). We went outside and sat on the grass next to the parking lot to enjoy the outdoors. After awhile, we decided to go on a little walk. There was a creek nearby that ran down a gorge or a ravine that was mostly made of gravel. Somehow, it was necessary for us to fix this ravine, because the water had eroded the gravel at some point, making the creek dry.

I don't remember doing the work, but later I looked down into the ravine and saw BNB removing the final stones, which allowed the water to flow down the creek bed again. He looked up at me and I smiled and gave a thumbs-up.

He climbed out of the ravine, and that's when I noticed that in our work, I'd ended up on the opposite side of the ravine from him. Oops.

We walked a little further down the creek bed, and noticed that it became more and more shallow, and eventually I was able to just kind of walk across the creek bed/ravine.

At this point, I was wearing ipod headphones and listening to a funk band with a great female lead singer. I was listening, but while listening, I was also making the whole thing up in my head (I think I was aware that I was dreaming, and was impressed with dreaming self for making up such a cool song). I was telling BNB about the organ solo, and how cool it sounded, but I guess I didn't offer to let him listen. I looked at the ipod and saw that the woman singing was black and had short dreadlocks, but I didn't know her name.

We walked to a record store, which is actually here in BR, and started looking around. There were a couple of guys that I assumed to be DJs, but otherwise we were the only ones there. We went in the back door and made our way up to the front. I looked in the country music section and was disappointed to see that they only had CDs named "Greatest Country Music Hits of the 1960s."

BNB was looking at jazz records, but the owner of the store came through closing up, turning off the lights. We started to leave the store, when an old lady came up to us, excitedly talking about winning a coupon for a subway sandwich. Somehow we knew her, and we knew that we were going to be delivering a meal to her later that evening (a la Meals on Wheels), so we told her to go ahead and get her subway sandwich and she could eat the other meal later.

She was so excited about her coupon, and she kept chanting aloud, "I won a dollar off subway sandwiches, with chips and lesbians!!" We'd just smile and eventually directed her to a subway store so she could get her sandwich. I eventually figured out that she meant Lebanese salad, which made more sense than lesbians.

I was laughing about this mix-up when a man I haven't seen in years came up (he was my high school biology teacher). He asked what I was laughing about, and I explained, but after I'd used "the L word," I wondered if that had been wise, since he's old and conservative.


CëRïSë said...

"...with chips and lesbians!" HA!

sprinkles said...

^^^ Yes, that was my favorite part of the dream! LOL

Leah said...

I know, even in the dream it sounded ridiculous.

strovska said...

haha! ha! was this biology teacher there when i was? i don't remember a male one.

and i love music dreams. i'm always impressed with my dream self too when it comes up with music.


Leah said...

No, this was in ninth grade, before I joined up with the Arkansas crowd.