Monday, April 26, 2010

george clooney

I had one of those annoying late-for-work dreams last night. I had run a bunch of errands and badly miscalculated the time that would take (as usual in real and dream life). I was supposed to be going to work at 10 or 11 a.m., but still needed to take a shower. In the dream, I was living (temporarily?) in some group setting* with common bathrooms. There were about 4 shower stalls in the bathroom, and I had just peeked in and seen that they were all empty with no one in line for them. By the time I gathered up my stuff and got there to shower, though, they were all occupied and there was a line of about 6 people waiting, including a girl I had found annoying in high school.

That was the boring, unpleasant part of the dream. After that, I was at an airport with both indoor and outdoor waiting areas, and I was supposed to get on a flight to somewhere for some kind of work-related trip. There was a giant snowstorm/cold front over pretty much the whole northern hemisphere, and all flights were canceled until further notice**. I was waiting outside on a high concrete balcony with an assortment of past real-life acquaintances, random dream people, a Norwegian girl whose design blog I sometimes read, and George Clooney (?). We were all leaning against or sitting on the balcony railing, and talking about random things. Incidentally, I was dressed in a very ratty pajama ensemble, possibly having given up earlier on getting a shower.

It turned out that George Clooney was extremely personable and funny, capable of a wide-ranging conversation. He had the sort of dry, punny, double-meaning humor that I particularly enjoy, but at one point he got serious and launched into a rather long, Steinbeckian soliloquy on the salt-of-the-earth working man and the dangers and hardships he faced (I think he was referring specifically to truck drivers, in the context of the big winter storm).

George stayed there for quite a while just chewing the fat with us, and I kept thinking, "he's a great waiting companion, but doesn't he have bigger fish to fry?" At one point he abruptly buried his face in my stomach to warm up his nose, which I thought a bit odd (although I realized that it must be an effective strategy, and that he probably found lots of willing stomachs to warm his cold nose, being who he was).

At one point in the dream, toward the beginning of the George Clooney episode, I was very concerned because I had noticed that several of my teeth seemed loose***. I was very worried, and asking everyone if they knew anything about it and if I should be worried or if it was normal****. No one had anything too reassuring or useful to say about my problem (I think the girls were all too focused on our distinguished companion). Only George had something somewhat helpful to say, and he also reminded me that [in this alternate dream universe] people's teeth were generally spaced far apart (??).

Anyway, if you're ever stranded at an airport in an open-ended, weather-related travel complication, look for George Clooney. I highly recommend him as a temporary waiting companion.

*I'd really like to someday get to the bottom of this group trip/group living thing.
**A relatively rare intrusion of current events into my dream life.
***I've experienced this loose-teeth thing a lot in dreams before, although not for a while.
****What a charming thing to bring up with a very attractive celebrity: "Nice to meet you. I think my teeth are getting ready to fall out."


Leah said...

"At one point he abruptly buried his face in my stomach to warm up his nose"--haha! I've been giggling at this for several minutes now.

This whole dream made me snort several times. Luckily I'm alone in the office right now.

Leah said...

Oh, and if there were ever a candidate for dream theme analysis, you should be first in line.

CëRïSë said...

Oh, this made me laugh! And George Clooney can warm his nose on my stomach any time...

sprinkles said...

Anytime I've dreamed of celebrities, they're always so nice! I imagine a lot of them wouldn't be so cordial in real life.

I laughed too when George stuck his nose in your stomach! LOL

I had a dream once where my teeth fell out. I had braces at that time (in the dream and in real life) so when they all fell out, they were held together by the braces. In the dream, I had an orthodontal appt already scheduled so I went in but the dr. said he couldn't help me. My teeth needed to actually be in my mouth for him to be able to do anything. In real life, I told my orthodontist about the dream and he just laughed, saying that it was true he couldn't help me once they've fallen out.

I've had other dreams too where only some of my teeth have fallen out or broken off. I've often what it means too. If you ever figure it out, please post it because I'd love to know!

Anonymous said...

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strovska said...

sprinkles, that's a funny variation on the teeth-falling-out dream. i've never had braces, so it never occurred to me to think of that possibility.