Friday, August 21, 2009

Hit and Run?

I dreamed that I was walking through a very large, circular (or spiral) parking garage. It was very white, all the walls anyway. Sort of Guggenheim museum-like. I was looking for my car and I wanted to go home. The parking spaces were semi-full. Somehow I was surprised, but happy, about this because it meant that I could find my car more easily.

I found my car, started it up, and started to pull forward to leave my parking space. Somehow, though, I managed to crash into a snazzy red sports car quite hard, considering that I had been going very slowly. I could even hear the sound of tinkling as the headlight covers were shattered. I reversed away from the red car and sat in my car thinking hard. Should I write a note to leave on the red car, apologizing and leaving my insurance information? Or should I just take off, run away? I was leaning strongly to the second option because somehow I knew that if I admitted guilt, my life would never be the same again.

I had almost decided to leave when I noticed a small family. The garage had been totally empty, but now a family was there. I wondered if they'd give me away. I woke up before I decided what to do.

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CëRïSë said...

Ohhh, the guilt dreams. 'Such a good way to start the day!