Friday, August 21, 2009

multiple anthony bourdains

Of course I was on a group trip, and of course most of the trippers were young (young college age, I think). I don't remember much, but we were in a car, going slowly by an old church (cathedral?). There was someone seated on the steps, with a rather large bagged lunch beside him. He was opening up a couple of foil-wrapped packets, looking like he wasn't excited to be there. I got the impression that he had been marooned there for a while. He looked up at the car, and at that point we realized that it was Anthony Bourdain. He started waving his long arms, and several people urged the driver to stop and pick him up, because he clearly needed a ride somewhere.

The driver was not excited at all about picking up Mr. Bourdain, and I was a little puzzled (although, to be fair, the car was pretty full). Then I saw his face and realized why he was reluctant--our driver was a second Anthony Bourdain. No one seemed to think this was strange, though, so I just chalked up his distaste for Bourdain No. 1 to a conflicted sense of self-loathing.

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Curly Sue said...

HA! Hahahaha! That's a funny, funny dream.