Monday, August 24, 2009

zombies and their superior sense of smell

(my surroundings have seeped into my dreams)

i was living/staying in some sort of a neighborhood/community where everyone knew each other. the neighbors congregated at the house i was staying at after we were alerted that we were in danger of being attacked by zombies.*

when the neighbors made it to my house, we began boarding up the windows and doors with wood and various pieces of heavy furniture (it was a very anxiety-ridden dream, the kind where you can *feel* the adrenaline pumping and it kind of hurt). most of the neighbors hung out in front of the t.v. while i stressed over every possible point of entry. luckily, hyde and kelso from that 70's show** were there to help me. at one point we found ourselves in the garage, looking out though a crack. we could hear a chainsaw and we were trying to determine if it was a neighbor in need of help or if it was too late.

eventually the zombies closed in on the house and we were all doing our best to keep them out when it occurred to us (not sure how) that zombies had an extremely sensitive sense of smell, especially for unpleasant smells***, and that we could use this to our advantage****.


* this part of the dream was likely influenced by a conversation where i compared preparing for a hurricane to preparing for a zombie attack. I was informed that one does not get advanced warning about zombie attacks.

** my youngest brother watches repeats of that 70's show incessantly.

*** this part of the dream was influenced by a conversation i had with my cousin and her husband about how the women in the family have very sensitive noses, especially for rank smells. the husband reported that my cousin complains of his gas "even before it leaves my pants".

**** yes, i am aware that zombies would need a functioning brain in order to actually be able to smell.


Curly Sue said...

That quote from your cousin made me laugh. Ha!

strovska said...

hahaha! this is so funny.