Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream Within a Dream #2

I was sitting at a table - a dinner or luncheon with other people from tango. JH was sitting across from me, as were another VC and DF. DF had his arm in a yellow sling from his accident (In reality he had fallen out of tree and was in the hospital. Before the dream, I was thinking about visiting him and taking him some music, but I didn't have another pair of headphones. Then I fell into this dream). I saw him sitting across the stable and then thought that I didn't need to visit him in the hospital if he was already out. Behind me sat a woman selling knickknacks - magnets, pins, buttons. I had looked at them earlier (perhaps another dream I don't remember), but this time decided to buy something. She showed me a few things - magnets with flag decorations and Obama slogans - but she wanted $20 for them I thought she had showed me a lapel pin before that was only $5 similar to the one she was wearing, but she claimed she didn't have any more. I got the feeling she was trying to fleece me so I said to her "Thank you. I changed my mind." She looked disappointed, but I turned and looked away.

I woke up in my bedroom, still dark outside, but I could tell it was early in the morning. I started writing in my journal (there was a light at the end of the bed). There were some names written on the inside cover of the notebook. I was sitting up on my knees on top of the covers. Then I remembered my laptop was on the bed, probably in the same place where I was sitting. I lifted up and put my hand underneath me to feel a crack in the top of my Macbook. I lifted up the cover and turned it on. I felt relieved to hear the tone as it came on. I stretched out on the bed thinking about if I should get up. I was thinking about text messages I sent out one friend in LA and one friend in Iowa, but who had not replied. Then I heard the text message sound from my phone. I thought it might be the friend in LA up late responding to my text after his kids fell asleep, but when I reached for the phone I woke up.

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