Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giant, Icky Spider

This was part of another dream that I've forgotten. My boyfriend and I were sitting on a bed in a bedroom while my sister was sleeping on a different bed. We were talking about something and then I noticed a gigantic spider crawling across the floor. It had black legs and a black head, but its body was bright yellow. The spider was at least as big as my hand, if not slightly bigger.

I immediately pointed it out, but I didn't scream; I wasn't too scared because we were not sitting on the floor and I didn't want to wake my sister. The spider crawled under another bed in the room. There was a tile floor, and we could hear each leg tapping on the floor because it was so big. The spider disappeared behind some boxes under the bed. Then a little, blond mouse skittered around the boxes under the bed. I knew that if it went behind the boxes, the spider would get it.

Sure enough, the mouse went behind the boxes and we heard the most horrible sounds: crunching, squealing (the mouse), scufflings, and finally, silence. I knew that the spider was slowly eating the mouse and I was really disgusted. My sister woke up and I tried to explain what I'd just seen.