Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream Within a Dream #1

(I had this dream and wrote it down when I was on vacation. Just posting it now).

In a bedroom talking to my ex-bf. He is seated in a small race car telling me a story about someone he knew who needs to kick their brother out of the house but can't. He didn't understand why because the brother is causing hardship. I told him I could relate to that story due to the experience my mom had with my uncle. I draw the connection for him - brother situation - hard to get rid of a sibling - felt obligation to help them. At this point in the dream, the ex turns into my brother, LT. So then I say, "If you were to live with me for a while, to get on your feet or something, I would take you in. You're my brother. Of course I would do that." LT replied, "But I would at least do things around the house, contribute a little bit, try to find work as soon as possible." We continued our conversation and walked into the hallway. We were almost to the living room when we hear the doorbell ring. Through the frosted glass part of the door, I could see two dark figures. I bent down to look through the clear part (under the etched glass design) and see a guy carrying roses. I told my brother it is some guy trying to sell something. Immediately, my brother and I dropped to the floor, so the men outside couldn't see us. We tried to to stay really quiet and wait until they went away. But one of the men looked under the frosted part of the glass through the clear part and saw us huddled on the ground. LT and I started to laugh and the dream faded.

I thought I was waking up in the hotel room in Barcelona. My friend, Bre, was sleeping in the twin bed next to mine. I saw something blue insect over her bed near the window. I thought it was on the window curtain, but it was suspended in air. The insect moved closer to me. I saw it was a spider, blue and black. It landed on my bed and started crawling. I looked at the night stand next to the bed to find something to cover it up or hit it with. I reached for it, but couldn't see my hands. Then I realized I was still dreaming.

Went back into a dream - in someone's home looking around at a closet and an archway with detailed drawings around it, almost like hieroglyphics or another ancient language. I turned around and the TV was playing a scene from a video or movie. There was a girl at the train station waiting for her friends. They came - a couple - arguing or having a disagreement or discussion without acknowledging her. She was very sad in the video - almost crying but her friends didn't notice. The song, Because of You by Kelly Clarkson, was playing in the background (NOTE: I have not seen this video). I went to sit down on the couch with a little plate of something to eat in my lap. A voice entered the room, "What is that?" referring to the video/movie on TV. I was with a group of colleagues from my old job - Mo, Rob, & Jules, and two other people (male and female). The woman who spoke was a Black woman in her mid-50s, with glasses and long dreadlocks going gray. She was dressed in Kente cloth or some other colorful dress or wrap from Morocco or a similar another country. She sat next to me on the sofa. We explained about the song - Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, etc. I could tell she didn't watch much TV or listen to music. We were there to ask her a question about something. Mo was seated on an ottoman to my right and asked her the question - something about music. He addressed her as Dr. Fain. We were there so she could tell us which one of us - Mo or me - was right about a debate we had. I said that I wish I had the music with me, but then Mo reminded me that I had sent it to him and he could access it on his phone. Then I remembered another song or piece of music I had a question about. I started to ask Dr. Fain, but then realized I may have already sent her the question via email. So I said I may have contacted you separately about another piece of music. She nodded her head yes and told me she received the email. I apologized to Dr. Fain and said, "I've been having trouble remembering things since the birthday." She nodded and smiled. Then said something about how I didn't look as old as my mind was. I looked around the room and saw Rob and the other guy (I knew he was older than me), then looked at the other female across from me on another ottoman (I knew she was younger than me). Not including Dr. Fain, I was the third oldest person in the room.

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