Monday, May 11, 2009

Primping Ain't Easy

I was trying to go on the date before I had to meet with friends for a study session. I called one friend - had her on speakerphone trying to get the time we were meeting to study. She went into this long explanation about why we had to start at a certain time. I was half-listening to her while standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom doing my hair for the date (my hair was long and relaxed). I twisted the back of my hair into a French roll using Bobby pins to secure it down. The front part of my hair I swept up into a ponytail, twisted the hair to meet the roll in the back, then secured it with Bobby pins. I didn't like how the the front of my hair looked, so I took the Bobby pins out, redid the twist, and then secured it again with the pins. Just as I finished my date, Michael (never seen him before in real life), came into the bathroom to get me. I took his hand and led him toward the front door. I thought about telling my mother where I was going, but then realized I was an adult and didn't need to say anything. We walked out the front door, but I had trouble closing the screen door behind me.

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