Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching a Train

This was part of a longer, more complex dream that I can't remember. I remember that I was with my mom, boyfriend, sister, and possibly some more people. We were trying to catch a train together. For some reason, we knew we were going to miss the train at the station we were headed toward. I suggested that we just think ahead and catch the train at a station that it would arrive at later. Somehow I knew that the train would make a bit U shaped circuit and we should just go to the other leg of the U to catch the train. I felt responsible for getting everyone to the station on time, then shepherding everyone through the station, the ticket counters, the corridors, and then onto the correct boarding area.

The whole dream seemed much longer than this, but we finally made it onto the correct train, found our seats, and I discovered I'd have to sit next to a loud, overweight couple. The relief at arriving on the train made me feel better, though.

I woke up soon after this event and was lucid enough to think, "Well, thank god I slept long enough for us to get on the damn train."


I Hope So said...

hehehe i would have though the same thing after that kind of dream.

but, hey, look at that. you ARE a leader. ;)

strovska said...

ha! that's funny. and also exhausting.

Pamela R.A.W. said...

Train dreams are a recurring theme for me. They usually occur as I am making some transition in my life.