Monday, April 20, 2009


My boyfriend and I were going to a wedding. It was to be held in a mall, and as we walked up a ramp to the upper level, I kept noticing tacky little "venues" for other weddings, some just in food court style eating areas! When we got to the area where my friends were getting married, however, there was a quiet, nicely lit balcony filled with round tables with white linens and gold flatware. He walked me over to a table near the back, and as we sat down I saw that it was by a big screen that was showing a college football game--I think it was EWU vs. OC (whatever those letters stood for; I think at least one of the teams was from the Northwest). There were a lot of players on the field, at first in uniform and then in street clothes. At some point, we were no longer looking at a screen, but over the actual game itself. In the stands, I saw a hand-drawn poster supporting keeping religion out of schools (it featured a large electric guitar, a trap set, and a Bible with the words "lust" and "lush" written on it). A girl with hair down to her waist turned and waved at us.

The couple who I realized were getting married sat at the table with us, and I was thrilled to be surrounded by such good friends. In real life, these two have been married for almost six years and have a baby. The lights went down and we held hands for a blessing. The groom's mother, wearing some sort of cowl, the bride's mother, and a few other women were singing a haunting song for the blessing when my alarm went off.

I hit snooze, naturally, which meant I also got to dream that a squirrel had gotten into my apartment somehow and was tearing around my bedroom.


strovska said...

ha! the poster made me laugh.

I Hope So said...

"lust" and "lush". i think your subconscious managed to define the two prevailing themes preached against during our youth!