Monday, April 20, 2009


i've had a ton of crazy dreams lately but have been terrible about blogging them...

snippet #1: me and recent romantic interest (rri) found ourselves hanging out in the ex-boyfriend's (xb) apartment. i was not happy when i realized where we were and even less happy when xb joined us in our hanging out. the xb showed the rri around the apartment and then it turned into the two of them snorkeling (!) through the apartment. suddenly it became the coolest place ever and these two guys were snorkeling while i was sitting on the couch. i was very unhappy as i could see that rri thought that xb was "cool". i wanted to scream "no! he *tricks* people into thinking he's cool! don't trust him!" but i kept my mouth shut for the sake of good manners (?). rri could tell that i was uncomfortable and he would swim back to me every once in a while and spend some time with me as if to communicate that he knew i was uncomfortable. and then he would go back swimming with xb out of what seemed like 1/2 obligation and 1/2 there was a frickin ocean in his apartment that they could snorkel in. in the dream i was very appreciative of rri's attempts at making me feel less uncomfortable even though it didn't help a whole lot. i could still see that he was trying and it meant a lot. i woke up irritated that the xb had tried to win over my rri. why was he always trying to steal people from me!?

snippet #2: i (along with and quite a few other people) was commissioned to design a new spaceship ride at disney world. only, when i arrived for "orientation" i, along with everyone else, learned that what we were designing was not a ride but in fact a real spaceship-slash-living system in an attempt to save mankind. the "disney" folks (which were actually government people) told us that the earth was in danger of being destroyed and that they were trying to find a way to transport all of humankind to outerspace before the destruction. they were not sharing this information with the general public, for fear of mass hysteria. instead, they put the "development site" on disney world property with a large wall around it (just like they do when a ride is being built in the park) in an effort to conceal the project. there was a lot of pressure on all of us (random group of people specially chosen for the project) to develop something before a non-defined deadline of earth destruction.


strovska said...

HAHAHA! snorkeling! that made the beginning of my workday.

and the disney thing reminds me of a movie i saw the other day (the day the earth stood still).

CëRïSë said...

Yeah, snorkeling made me laugh out loud, too! That's awesome.

Oh, and the XB may be evil, but it's kind of a boost of confidence that he would even care about the RRI, right? Or is that just crazy talk?