Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I dreamed last night that I thought it would be a great idea to go to summer camp as a teen camper. [I was somewhat younger in the dream than in real life (not married, I don't think), but definitely not young enough to be a teen camper.] My reasoning was, "I loved working at camp, and I only have a week available, so I'll go as a camper". I came to my senses as I was sitting in the bathroom, though, and started to panic because I didn't see any way of getting out of it. To add to my stress, I looked down and realized that there was urine all over the bathroom floor*, and the tons of misplaced items (clothes, paperwork, magazines) were getting all wet and soiled with it (let's just say it was not clear and watery and odorless, either). I woke up as I was desperately trying to mop it all up with toilet paper. Nice way to start my day.

*Not from me, just to be clear!


Curly Sue said...

Wow. That kind of stressed me out, too.

Did you work at camp? I can't remember. Somehow, I can't picture it. Or was that someone else from OAA?

strovska said...

yeah, i worked at camp in colorado. it was really fun, although i suspect it's only fun for under-25ers who are willing to suspend a burgeoning aversion to group activities. and it's much more fun to be responsible for kids when they don't really have to be learning anything or even bathing daily.

CëRïSë said...

Reading your comment about bathing daily reminded me of how when I went to camp for the first time, at 8, my counselor had enforce showering at least once during the week--which I, in turn, did when I was a counselor there many years later. It's funny to think of not wanting to shower... until you picture yourself at 8, and the idea of getting naked in a public place with only rarely warm water.

I Hope So said...

oy. that was a mean dream for your brain to give you. especially right before starting your day.

bad brain. baaaaad.