Wednesday, April 22, 2009


last night's dream was filled with weird morphings from this to that and i'm not sure i can capture it all in a post but here's the gist:

i was at a house that was across the street from a park i grew up near. i was driving my current car and i parked at the house and went inside to check it out. i think i wanted to live there. no one was home and i was walking around looking in all the bedrooms wondering if one was available to rent. but they all seemed to be in use. while i was looking around the house, i was on the phone talking to a friend. i was explaining the house to him and talking about how i'd like to live in this particular neighborhood. then i realized i should probably leave the house before anyone got home, because it would be awkward to get caught wandering around inside a house that didn't belong to me.

when i left the house it was dark out. there were a lot of people hanging out at the park. i got into my car and started to drive away when i heard faint screaming coming from the back of my car. it was a male's voice and it sounded as if he was in the trunk. only i drive an SUV and there is no trunk. so i deduced that he must be in the back seat, tied up, and muffled by a rag of some sorts in his mouth(?). i was right. i immediately knew that i had been framed, because i certainly didn't tie someone up and put them into my car. i pulled over immediately and knew that it was going to look as if i were guilty. there was some morphing and it ended up with me at the police station (which was really the hospital i used to work at) and i was there along with the girl who framed me (a girl i worked with briefly years ago and haven't really thought of since). there was something to do with carnations for sale. that may have been related to when i sold flowers as a part of a vday fundraiser every year.

anyway, i knew the girl had set me up for the crime, but i didn't know why or how to prove it. then things morphed into my mom and i doing our own investigation. we were sneaking into houses and spying on people in an effort to collect clues. at one point i was back in my car, searching the backseat, looking for evidence. i remember talking to my mother about why the police hadn't searched my car yet, there seemed to be a lot of clues that proved that i was framed. during the searching of my back seat, i found a journal that was shoved down into the seat. the journal had my dreams written in it (like a paper version of this blog). on one of the pages it had this girl's handwriting. there, written out in a step-by-step format, was how she had set the whole thing up. she made a note that was meant for me to read/find that said something along the lines of "you've had lots of dreams about getting framed and put into jail for something you didn't do. how much fun will it be to actually live your dreams!" i remembered thinking the girl must be nuts and had way too much time on her hands. my mom was happy because we could take the journal to the police and prove my innocence. only, i knew the journal wouldn't be acceptable evidence.

another morphing took place and i found myself in a basement. there was a vent on the wall. the girls hand popped through the vent and handed me a thumbdrive. she said "here, all the evidence is on here. you can give this to the police. hurry up, there is a press conference about to start".

and then i woke up.


strovska said...

wow. that had me on the edge of my seat. i especially like the part about "living your dreams"--ha!

Pamela R.A.W. said...

Me too - I think the "how much fun it would be to live your dreams" is the point of it all, but you have doubts about living that way (i.e., if it would really be fun). sorry for the unsolicited interpretation.

I Hope So said...

pamela - that's good stuff and pretty much right on the money in my waking life!