Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Flames, New Flames, Old Friends

I was in a small room with my ex-bf. We were sitting next to each other on a twin bed. Things were building slowly between us - we held hands at first, then held each other, then a bit of fondling/groping, then kissing. I was stretched out on top of him when he asked me what I wanted. He said I could have anything I wanted. We flipped over so he was on top. I whispered I wanted him inside me. He immediately got off and said something like, "See that is your problem. You're too fast." I was upset at first, but then realized that I was moving to sex before I really knew anything was there.

Scene switch: I was coming home - lived in apartment 625 in building 79 of a group of apartment buildings. I had a lot in my hands and had to balance my bicycle on my hip while I checked the mail. I carried the mail, other bags and the bicycle to my apartment, opened the door and went inside. Two seconds later, I hear a knock on my door. There was a cute guy (about 5' 9', caramel skin, head shaved bald) standing there. I had dropped something on my way to the apartment and he was returning it. I felt an attraction there, but just said, "Thank you" and quickly closed the door. I was thinking I should have at least asked his name and where he lived in the building. Then I heard another knock on the door. He saw some mail for my apartment on the floor when he was checking his mail and thought he would return it to me. This time, I asked his name, shook his hand and asked where he lived (724 in building 81). His name was something I never heard before - I asked him to spell it (Knaan - or something like that). Just then I recognized him from somewhere else. I looked at his face again and he turned into a girl I knew from elementary school that I just friended on Facebook (long dreadlocks). I asked if the K name was the real name - knowing that it wasn't. She looked at me funny. I said, "Michelle, don't you remember me? Pamela Taylor from elementary school." Then she realized who I was.

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CëRïSë said...

Oh, wow. Ex-bf dreams are the worst (especially when they involve being shunned. Urgh).