Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aunt Pam to the Rescue!

I was driving down a familiar street (looked like Sepulveda Blvd in West LA). I needed to make a left turn onto another street (looked like Venice Blvd). There were two lanes turning left. At first, I was in the outer left turning lane behind a black horse. I looked at the cars in line to turn ahead of me and saw a few other horses in the lane. These horses had riders and were facing in the direction traffic was going; the black horse was riderless and facing backwards - toward my car. The look in the horse's eyes made me nervous. He looked like he could bolt at any minute and I didn't want him trampling my car. So I moved over into the inner left turning lane. It was a better move because there were fewer cars in that lane. As I pulled up to the intersection, I could see there was construction on Sepulveda south of Venice. Cars in the other lane could only go left or right; they couldn't go straight. The light turned green and I made the left turn onto Venice. I drove a little further then wound up at this rec center nearby.

My mother and sister were already there. They had heard on the radio about an accident involving many cars and a school bus. My nephew was on the bus heading to a field trip. The next thing I knew I was talking to him on the cell phone. He told me the bus skidded off the road and was stuck in a ditch. I asked if he were okay; he said yes, but the teacher had passed out. I asked him where he thought the bus was sitting. He didn't know his exact location, but thought the school bus was pretty close to the museum. He remembered passing a sign that said Chapel Hill. I was looking at a map, while he told me this. I found the museum on the map, which was not too far from the Durham-Chapel Hill line. I knew I could drive over there and get him faster than he would be brought back to us. I headed out - my sister was taking her time in getting ready - so I left her behind. I got to the car and thought that I may not be able to take him back since my sister wasn't with me and the people on the bus would only let him go with his mother. Then I remembered the teacher had passed out. I could pretend to be his mom and nobody would know.

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