Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was at a hotel where I saw a college friend, NC, in the lobby. I liked him and wanted to give him a hint of my interest. So I walked over to the couch where he was sitting and sat right next to him. I sidled up next to him, making our arms and leg touch. He was told me some story and we both laughed at the ending. I took the opportunity to slip my right arm through his left and lay my head on his shoulder. Then my cell phone rang It was my other friend, AC. She was telling me about this football game we were watching on TV. Some ridiculous play happened which changed the outcome of the game. She was also gossiping about the people she saw there. All this time, NC was rubbing me on the back and shoulders, sliding his hands down and around my waist. I could barely concentrate on my phone conversation. I wanted to know whether he was interested in me, but things were going much better, much faster than I had expected. AC was talking, but I wasn't paying attention. Several times she paused for my reaction and I had to throw in a "Really?" or fake a laugh I thought was appropriate. Finally, I told AC I'd just have to call her back.

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I Hope So said...

ummm... can you please send some of your dreams my way? i'd especially like that "knaan" guy to show up. thanks :)