Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's so annoying to wake up and realize that you've been dreaming about work AND school, simultaneously. Right before I woke up this morning I was having one of those dreams where you find out near the end of the semester that you've been in a class you didn't realize you were in. I apparently knew I was in this class (some kind of science, although physical or social I don't know), but I hadn't been studying. I had been squeaking by, but I suddenly resolved to start studying, and was confident that I would immediately start acing it and confound the professor (who, I imagined, would pronounce me a genius).

The only problem was that I was working full-time at the job I have now (except in a different building--actually, two separate buildings--and a slightly different set of coworkers). I had to ask if I could leave early from work so I could study for the class.

What a boring dream. And then I woke up and realized that, although I didn't have to study for anything, I still had to go to work. I was looking forward to that afternoon off.


A while back I had another job-related dream. I was talking about something random with a coworker (a real one, not a dream-generated one), when he said, "well, it doesn't matter anyway, whatever happens you'll complain about it". I said, "what do you mean?" He answered that I was constantly complaining about everything, that "everyone is always talking about how you complain all the time." I was surprised and alarmed, because I didn't think I complained *that* much, and pressed him for more details. What did I complain about? In what way did I complain? How could I cut down on my complaining so as not to bother everyone? He shrugged dismissively as if to say that it wasn't worth it because I wouldn't change, and started to walk down the hall. I called after him to think about it and then send me an e-mail with the details. Right before I woke up I was at my desk checking my e-mail, and there was no message from him. I had a sinking feeling, knowing that I had a reputation as a whiner and that he wasn't going to e-mail me about it and I would therefore never be able to correct the problem.

That was a weird variation on the dreams I have occasionally where various members of my family (usually my mother) are berating me for being a terrible person because of a whole cornucopia of grave character flaws.


I Hope So said...

once again, i think we must have very similar psyches. i often dream that - near final exam time - i realize i have a class that i have been skipping all along and haven't been turning in work for. it's very anxiety provoking. i don't have the part about feeling like i'll pull it together and be pronounced a genius, though. that would be nice.

and every so often i also have the being-berated-for-character-flaws by either my mother or others (usually former or present female friends)dream. those leave me feeling emotionally drained.

strovska said...

if it makes you feel any better, this is the first time i've ever dreamed that i was going to pull it together for a neglected class. i usually know i'm going to fail, so this time was an interesting twist on the usual theme.