Friday, January 23, 2009

kook-kook-a-choo, mrs. robinson!

I'm loath to report this dream because I find it a little embarrassing, but it's kind of funny too.

All I remember is a little snippet in the middle of a lot of other plotlines. I was in a room with a couple of other people that I can't really remember. There was a teenage kid (18-ish or so) sitting on a desk in the corner of the room. He was kind of arty looking and seemed neither particularly smart nor particularly stupid--an overall likeable-but-not-exceptional type. When I walked in he seemed to take a particular interest in me, and at that point I realized that I was wearing a nurse's outfit (I was also younger, prettier, and skinnier than I actually am). The nurse's outfit was neither a realistic ugly set of scrubs nor a Slutty Nurse outfit; it was a nice fitted white dress with white fishnet stockings (I know, I know, but these were not Slutty Nurse fishnet stockings, they were very tasteful) and a classic Nurse Cap. I was apparently in some nurse training program that required participants to wear this uniform.

Anyway (here comes the embarassing part), Teenager was instantly gaga over me. I realized it and tried to deflect his attentions, but he rather went on about how beautiful I was (he said something like "You're so pretty, aren't you?"). I think the other people in the room encouraged me to respond to his advances in a manner appropriate to his age, and I think we ended up leaving to go on a rather Victorian walk or something similarly chaste. Although I find it embarassing to have dreamed it [I don't think I'm actually hungry for the attention of teenage boys], it still left a much more pleasant aftertaste than being berated by someone for all my character flaws.


CëRïSë said...

Awesome. I think that's an excellent way to start the day!

I Hope So said...

love this dream, right down to the "victorian" walk in the woods. please tell me this is not as x-rated as your dreams get... or else i'm afraid i might be a deviant! (of course those dreams DO NOT get posted here)

strovska said...

ha! let's just say i only report victorian dreams.