Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shoe dream

I had a shoe dream last night. The non-shoe-related part of the dream is pretty jumbled, but it involved my husband; me staying in my old room at my parents' house; some guy annoyingly coming on to me (I couldn't even tell if he was serious about it or just grabby, which made it even more annoying); getting a whole string of communications from a friend of mine in the form of a giant LED display on the wall of my erstwhile room (really, really neat-looking) and, later, lots of wadded-up pieces of paper with random thoughts written on them. It seemed like he was trying to communicate something important and needed serious advice or something, but what with Mr. Grabby and also trying to interact with my husband, I couldn't piece together the message. I didn't even have time to unwad all the pieces and put them in order, which was very frustrating.

Anyway, at some point I was in a large flea market/ antique mall of the type that's common where my parents live. I was trying to avoid Mr. Grabby, who was more or less sticking with my husband. There were some beautiful silk pajamas and silk tops made out of vintage fabric, and I would have liked to look at them closer and maybe try one on, but Mr. Grabby kept popping up and making annoying comments about how they would look on me. Throughout all this I kept getting pieces of paper from the friend (I'm not sure how they were delivered, I think at least some of the time random people would just slip them to me--he wasn't actually there at any point in the dream). The only really bright spot in the dream was a pair of shoes I saw and thought about buying. They were brown leather t-straps with big chunky high heels (shaped very much like these, except higher). There was a patch of brown suede on the toe, like these shoes {aside: isn't he cute?}, and the trim and t-strap were made of little interlocked pieces of metal. I thought that looked potentially uncomfortable and prone to breaking, although the shoes were clearly quite old and hadn't broken yet. In the end, I just wasn't sure I liked the suede patch, and I wanted to get away from Mr. Grabby, so I didn't buy them.

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Curly Sue said...

Oh, I love T-straps. I wish that I had some, and that I had somewhere to wear them.

And otherwise, I agree that it's a very frustrating dream. But I do like the giant LED display.