Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Group Sing

Last night I dreamed that I walked to a park to play softball with my parents (in the dream, I was a grownup). We played some catch and saw another family (parents, two young boys) also playing catch nearby. They were using whiffle balls and I kicked one of the whiffle balls like it was a soccer ball, in a perfect goal-scoring kind of kick.

As we were leaving, so was the other family. We were all walking home, though they were some distance from us. One of them had a guitar and as they walked, they started singing the John Denver song "Country Roads." They kept singing until I finally started to join in. Everyone kept on walking, and more people joined us as we walked and sang. The song just kept going, apparently endlessly. Some people were singing harmony and everything sounded really great.

Eventually there were hundreds of people walking and singing "Country Roads." It turned out that we were walking toward the ocean (on the west coast) to get lobster. At the end of the journey, we ended up standing at the ocean and waiting for lobster, still singing.


strovska said...

that's pretty epic! i really don't know anything about the polyphonic spree, but this dream made me think of them. waiting for lobster.

CëRïSë said...

Wow, epic is right. It seemed like a metaphor for world peace. Nice!