Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gas Stations that flip cars?

I dreamt I was at a gas station, trying to fill up gasoline in the middle of the night. I was in a hurry because I was scared to be outside during the hour it was. The gas station was really dark and I could only see the light on in the station where the attendant was sitting inside of the store. I filled up my tank and the minute I removed the pump from my car the pump whipped back and hung itself back in the cradle, the ground underneath the car turned into a platform, raised my car up about 20 feet and flipped it.
On the way down because I lifted the pump up in surprise, the car came crashing down and flipped on the wrong side. I went towards my car and saw all the damages and started worrying.
I looked towards the other cars that happened to be there as well. These two cars flipped as well when done and landed safely and properly. I could see the tires of my car bent and wires hanging out of it from the bottom with green, pink, blue, and yellow wiring. Somehow, I was able to flip the car back and start driving to my parents house to find a mechanic or to have my dad help me with the car. I was glad this dream wasn't real when I woke up.

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