Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yoga vs. zombies

Just before I woke up this morning, I dreamed that my husband and I were with a lot of other people in a public place (park?) when a big demonstration/revolution broke out. We were sitting on a blanket on the ground, and there were two girls there who thought they'd take advantage of the ruckus to put the moves on him. This did not sit well with me, and I decided to fight the more egregious of the offenders (the other one, who didn't seem to have her heart in it, later turned into Amanda Bynes*). When I started to fight this girl it became clear pretty quickly that I was going to have to get in better shape to defeat her. She was all firm and quick and didn't have any flabby flesh that I could get a hold on (apparently my fighting technique depended on grabbing and restraining, then hitting, and if I couldn't grab and restrain all was lost).

I realized that her evasive movements were very yoga-like and decided that I needed to work on my yoga moves in order to beat her. I started doing moves and found that I was in much better shape than I thought. Everything went very smoothly and I started to feel serene and capable, to the point where I felt like maybe this girl and I could just work on our yoga together and forget the fight. Since this was just before I woke up, I woke up feeling really great.

That was much better than the night before, when I spent ALL NIGHT dreaming about zombies**. The dreams weren't all that scary, but I kept waking, going back to sleep, continuing to dream about zombies, waking up annoyed that the dreams were continuing, etc.

*This really baffled me until I remembered watching an episode of The Office the other day where Kelly referred to her as a "comedian".

**Thanks to someone who will remain nameless, not only did I dream about zombies after being exposed to a Teen Zombie Comedy (don't ask), but I apparently have the necessary knowledge to survive a zombie attack.

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CëRïSë said...

This was hilarious. I love waking up feeling competent and in control.