Thursday, July 17, 2008

I dreamed that BNB and I had moved to what I believe was Tulsa (where I grew up). Because he had a job there, I was looking around for something as well and found myself standing in line in the academic advising office of the law school at my undergrad university. Apparently, I’d decided to look into law school as the next logical step in my career path. I stood in line, waiting to talk to one of the career counselors.

The next available one turned out to be a man who, though younger than me, appeared older because he was wearing an expensive suit, lots of cologne, and a big gold tie tack and ring. He was florid and slightly fat and he puffed as we went into his office to chat about law school. His office had these very low couches and we sat down to talk. He was very excited about the prospect of me entering law school and wanted me to tell him all about why I was considering that path. Abruptly, though, he started talking about why he had decided to be a lawyer. He went on and on, and as I tuned him out, I watched the people standing in the line outside his office. They were young and carried backpacks.

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strovska said...

that would be depressing if it weren't so very funny.