Tuesday, July 22, 2008

good dreams that go downhill

The other night I dreamed that my husband and I had taken a trip to Brazil. I was really excited about it because I've wanted to go for ages (that's where he's from). We were in a big city that seemed surprisingly European, in an older neighborhood. It was winter, which I think was why we were there--we had gotten a good deal on last-minute tickets because it was a low season. The weather was chilly but not really cold, and everyone was wearing sweaters that they had obviously taken out of storage recently, with very pronounced folds from being boxed up. I asked him if that was the coldest it ever got there and was disappointed when he said, yes, it never got any colder. Then he reminded me that no one had indoor heating and I felt a little better (because I like cold weather).

To my surprise, we were shopping, although I wasn't expecting to shop and wasn't even really in a shopping mood (he's not a big shopper). To my even bigger surprise, he started talking about a neighborhood nearby where I absolutely had to go shopping. He explained what street I should go down and what cross streets to watch out for. I was happy that he wanted me to go spend money but mystified as to why he was so insistent that I go (without him). Then I realized that he was just trying to get me out of the way so he could go meet someone, probably a girl. At that point I was really irritated because it had started out as a great dream and gone downhill so fast, and I woke up annoyed.


Then last night I dreamed that I ran by chance into a guy that I dated a looong time ago. I hadn't seen him for ages and was really happy to see that he seemed to be doing well and to get to talk to him. The strange thing was that this happened at an institutional cafeteria that was set up for some kind of event. The food was absolutely awful, limp gray vegetables and soggy fried things. I was wondering how I was going to choke it down, it was so bad. I was also wondering what kind of event they had set up, and whether I would make it out of there before it actually started.

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I Hope So said...

so much detail, i love it.