Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I had some very weird and vivid dreams this morning (snooze button again). The first was sort of a fantasy scenario (fantasy as in Lord of the Rings), almost like I was watching a movie. There was an old man who was clearly a Gandalf equivalent, with a younger sidekick (who, now that I think, looked rather like a cleaner Severus Snape). They were in a dark cave-like environment, battling some sort of evil...I'll use "wizard" for lack of a better word. This evil wizard was clearly not top-tier, although he was holding his own. At one point he succeeded at covering the two Good Wizards' heads with sections of white rubber tubing, but, in a humorous twist, they managed to pop their heads through them and keep fighting, looking as though they had neck braces.

The good wizards got the evil one in a checkmate, but being good they were chivalrous and didn't just do him in immediately. He asked for a rain check to finish the fight, and the older good wizard said (exact quote): "In three months we will re-enter this circle*. We will add strength to your strength, and power to your power." I find it hilarious that I dreamed up such stereotyped, over-the-top fantasy dialog.

*From which I understood that they were fighting in a magic environment, some sort of enchanted time/space, and not necessarily a literal cave.


In the other dream my husband and I had bought a huge old house, possibly someplace in Europe (judging by the style and age of the house). We had just moved in and were going to live there with a huge pack of people consisting of us, my parents, my sister, and some assorted people who were related to me in the dream (including some boys I went to high school with, who had remained teenagers). The house was ancient and had a lot of potential, not least because it had a huge, decrepit warehouse/barn attached to it. We hadn't realized that the barn was part of the purchase, but it became clear that we had bought it too, which was exciting since it was so huge.

In this complicated domestic arrangement I was in charge of doing all the dishes. After one batch i realized that this was an excessive amount of work to give one person*, and gathered all the teenage boys around to tell them that from now on they were going to have to rinse their dishes and stack them on a certain piece of furniture (red toile de jouy top with white wooden legs). They seemed very agreeable and I was happy that my suggestion had been met so favorably. My parents and sister discouraged me, though, saying that reasoning with teenage boys would never work, and that they would never cooperate with my labor-sharing scheme. So then I felt even more overworked and underappreciated.

*Could this be related to the fact that I did a whole bunch of dishes last night, by myself?

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CëRïSë said...

Brilliant! You have such interesting dreams.