Thursday, July 24, 2008

pretty boys

lately my dreams have been saturated with work-related themes so i haven't cared to document them here. but last night (or more accurately, this morning) i had some lovely boy-related dreams.

first one was about me and jason bateman. we were newly dating and i was very excited though a little cautious. i mean, it was jason bateman so how could i not be excited? but then again, it was jason bateman so i was quite skeptical about how successful the relationship could really be.

the details of this dream are rather sketchy but i do remember several moments of he and i gazing into each other's eyes. and then it quickly turned into us deciding to get married. which made me very nervous. he told me to calm down, that we would make a great husband and wife. i decided to believe him though i felt all apprehensive and anxious. then the dream really picked up speed with us planning a wedding for december, because that would be the next time i'd be in florida with all of my family.

the dream ended somewhere around this time.


the next dream started out with a large group of people (including myself) at a house that was to be remodeled. we were all on the lawn meeting the family who lived in the house. it was a single mom and her kids. her oldest son was in his early 20's and he was insanely attractive in an italian-with-thick-dark-messy-hair kind of way (but he was an american). while he was overwhelmingly attractive, he dressed in a very over-the-top fashion (now that i think of it, he might have been designer tank top guy) and so of course, i began to poke fun at his wardrobe.

as the dream unfolded, it appeared that i was involved in some sort of competition. we were there to be picked to be on a re-design team. as i realized this, i wanted to leave because i knew that there was no way i was suited to re-design a house. but before i knew it, the hot guy was choosing the people who would be on the team. to my surprise, i was chosen. and so was kendra. i remembered thinking that kendra was definitely qualified for the task but i was NOT. it didn't take long for me to realize, though, that i was picked not for my design capabilities but because hot-guy-with-ridiculous-over-the-top-fashion fancied me.

and this is where the dream turned into stuff you don't need to read about.


strovska said...

my goodness, that link about designer tank top guy was hilarious. tank tops on men make me think of bartenders from new jersey on those awful competition-dating shows that were so overdone about 6 years ago. but i'm glad dream italian-ish boy was man enough to transcend a tank top.

CëRïSë said...

Hahahahahaha! I love Italian men.