Thursday, May 1, 2008

unconsciously stylish

i don't remember anything else in the dream other than looking through cupboards and cabinets for something (no clue what that something was) and in the process i came across a gorgeous white leather handbag that i had forgotten all about. i was so excited i ceased looking for whatever it was i was looking for and just sat and admired it and thought about how lucky i was to have found it.


another dream fragment i remember from last night is going in and out of sleep while lying on my parent's couch. i was alone in the house and was waiting for my family to return. the tv and all of the lights were on but it was in the middle of the night. i kept drifting off to sleep and then something would wake me up. one of times i woke up to the sound of my dog and my parent's dog scratching on the back door. it wall very vivid and completely uneventful.

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strovska said...

wow, dreaming about sleeping sounds kind of eerie, and almost too realistic.

and it's always great to find nice accessories in your dreams. have you ever had a shoe dream? those are really nice.