Friday, May 2, 2008


No, I didn't have a dream about an orgy, although it seems that I'm the one who keeps introducing unsavory labels on this blog.

In this dream I was in a group setting (another group trip, maybe?). I don't remember who was there except a guy I went to high school with (as usual in such dreams, he wasn't someone who played any kind of a major role in my life then or now, he just showed up somehow). The other people were all roughly my age, as if we were still in school, and we were all waiting for something. Whatever it was we were waiting for, in order to get through the process we were required to give urine samples. This unleashed some juvenile jokes. The people in charge of the urine sampling were calling people to "donate" by their initials, and among the initials was "ORGY". The initials were vaguely European style, with the first two letters of the last name first, then the first letters of the first and middle names.

When we all figured out that, written this way, this guy's initials spelled "orgy" we all broke into uproarious laughter. The merriment was extreme, much more than the joke actually merited. In fact, I laughed so hard that I woke myself up laughing (more pleasant than waking oneself up by sobbing violently).

The interesting thing is that when I thought about it later this guy's initials didn't spell "orgy" by any stretch of the imagination, not even in the weird inverted format. I guess my subconscious either can't spell or was just really desperate for a juvenile joke.

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Curly Sue said...

I love that your labels include orgy, spelling, and urine sample.