Monday, April 28, 2008

drug dealing and house hunting

My husband and I are embroiled in house-buying negotiations and I'm finding it pretty stressful; this dream is an obvious reaction to that.

I dreamed that we were living in Spain (which we actually did when we first got married). In the dream we had just gotten married and had been living in separate apartments, and we were trying to find an apartment to rent or buy together. I don't know why, but I had apparently not been inside his apartment before (in fact, I have no idea where I had been living--it was as though I'd been dropped there suddenly). We went to get something from there and I found that he was living in this really great apartment. It had nice big rooms, huge windows, and a really nice tiled patio looking out over the neighboring rooftops. Looking back the decoration was a bit surprising, because it wasn't what I would envision his "bachelor pad" looking like (tasteful but a little bland). Anyway, it was a wonderful apartment. The only strange thing was that there were lots of people coming and going and just hanging out--in the kitchen, on the patio, all over. I assumed they were just friends.

So with this nice apartment I didn't see why we couldn't just live there--after all, if he could afford it alone we could surely manage with both of us paying. He said that wouldn't work, though, and indicated without coming right out and saying it that he had been getting a discount on it because he was dealing drugs out of it for the landlord, which explained all the people around. I hadn't noticed that they looked particularly stoned, but part of the deal was that he not only supply them the drugs but also let them hang around while they enjoyed their purchases.

I find this kind of funny because in real life our landlady in Spain made money on the side by selling hashish to acquaintances in the courtyard of the building, although we were never involved.

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CëRïSë said...

Ah, the drug-dealing discount. Bummer.