Monday, January 28, 2008

Fried Chicken and Feist

Background: one of my professors is a very smart, very intense, slightly scary woman. I have great respect for her, but she totally scares me, especially in non-classroom situations.

Dream: I dreamed that I was sitting in this professor's class, though we were at computer workstations instead of tables or desks. I was trying to get something finished or turned in, and she came to my workstation to check on me. After class, I kept working at my station, and the professor sat down at another computer to work. I had two keyboards and was having trouble remembering which to use. I wanted to leave, but I was afraid she'd think I was slacking off if I left before 6 pm. She called me over to her desk and, to my surprise, she showed me a recipe for fried chicken. She had the batter all mixed up already and was ready to put the chicken pieces in the fryer (which she had set up next to the computer). I was surprised and asked if she didn't think that grease would spatter on the computer. She was very excited about making fried chicken, though. I'm sort of scared of her (see background note) so I didn't want to argue. She was talking as though we were friends, which is eerie from a person that you're scared of.

We kept hanging out and for some reason I wanted to show her the video by Feist for the song "1234" (great, if you haven't seen it, see it!). I thought that the newly nice professor would like this song/video. I tried and tried to find it on YouTube, but had a lot of trouble. I would find lots of listings that said Feist 1234, but they would turn out to be something else. I can't remember if I ever found it.

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strovska said...

fried chicken might be good with brandy-flavored macaroni & cheese....