Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mac & Cheese

We were having a garden party with some family friends. We were all sitting around a table on the front lawn of a house. Everyone was eating Macaroni and Cheese out of little white bowls. Apparently The Boy had made it and everyone loved it because it was Brandy flavored. I thought that sounded really gross, but everyone else was raving about it.

Then I noticed that my mom kept throwing her food into the garden, slyly so no one would notice. She kept asking for more, then just throwing it away. It was somehow getting washed away, so it was like a river of mac & cheese & dirt behind the flowers. Looking at my mom, I thought she looked sick and was suddenly very worried about her. For some reason I was convinced that she had cancer or something and was dying. I pulled her into the bathroom to ask her what was wrong. I sat in the bathtub. She told me that she was upset because this person she was living with (not my dad, I think they had brought in a college-aged boarder) was upset because my mom was getting up and going to the bathroom four times a night, and then every morning at four am. So the person who had been living with them had decided to move out. She was very solemn about the whole thing and I didn't understand what that had to do with her throwing out her food, or why they had someone living with them.

I woke up right after that, and was so intrigued by the dream that I wanted to fall back asleep and continue it. But that didn't happen.


Cerise said...

Brandy-flavored mac 'n' cheese: awesome.

Thee Hidden One said...

Yes, I would like it to continue more too..but its also making me crave mac 'n' cheese!

Curly Sue said...

Brandy-flavored...that sounds terrible.

I sometimes wish I could continue a dream after I wake up. I think it's only happened once.