Thursday, November 22, 2007

six is a crowd

two nights in a row i've dreamed about the house i lived in when i was in junior high. the house belongs to my grandparents and my family lived there for 4 or 5 years while my grandparents lived in denver.

anyway, in the night before lasts' dream, i was renting this house and my grandparents lived in another house on the same street. i woke up to find bees everywhere. millions of bees, all covering the ceiling and the walls. i ran out of the house and down to my grandparents and asked them what in heck i should do about all these bees?? and my grandma suggested i just go back and open the windows and plug in lots of large fans and blow them all out the windows. she was quite nonchalant when giving this solution, as if this is something that she's been through a thousand times and it was no big deal. and i was all but there are MILLIONS of them! but she was very confident that this situation could be remedied in no time.


in last night's dream, i was also renting this same house. and i was looking for roommates (i'm currently looking for a roommate right now in real life so i'm guessing that's what prompted this). but quickly the roommate thing got out of control and i found myself with five roommates in a three bedroom home. and what was worse... the two roommates who were sharing one of the rooms was my ex and his girlfriend. and the two roommates sharing my other room was another ex and his girlfriend. and the person who was sharing my room was a guy who i've just met, and though i think he's cool and all... i really had no desire to share a room with him.

i felt overwhelmed and cramped and without any privacy. in my dream i just kept thinking i need my own space! i can't live with so many people! i have to have my own room! this sucks! but everyone else seemed to think it was a great idea.


Thee Hidden One said...

Does the first part of your blog entry mean that you are secretly wanting to watch the bee movie? :)

Cerise said...

Eeeps! Those are some serious nightmares.