Wednesday, November 21, 2007

haircut horror

I think my subconscious can make a nightmare out of anything. I went to get a real haircut yesterday (as in, by a real paid professional and not me whacking with the "orange-handled scissors", as said real professional referred to them). But then last night I dreamed that I had gone to the same guy to get my hair cut. In real life he's a one-man operation, but in my dream he had a whole salon with several branches, the main one being--oddly--run out of my parents' house. He had already cut my hair, but I wasn't that happy with it, so he said I could go over to the main salon (parents' house) and get them to fix it. So I went over there and they worked on me, and although I still wasn't that happy with it I didn't want to ask them to redo it yet again. When I went to pay (on my parents' dining room table), they handed me a bill for $300. I looked at it and saw that it was itemized: $100 for the haircut, and $100 for something called a "glazing", that I inferred to mean charges from the girl at the main salon for styling it afterward. (Yes, I know that 1+1=2, but in my nightmare math, $100+$100 somehow equaled $300.) It was awful parting with such a huge chunk of money for a haircut that I didn't even like, but in my dream I was too embarassed to protest the extra $100 ($200?) charge, so I just handed it over and left.

I know it doesn't really sound like a serious nightmare, but there was just such an aura of unease throughout the whole thing (like the "feeling of impending doom" that's listed as one of the symptoms of heart attacks in females!). I woke up in a really bad mood, although it was a relief to realize that what I actually paid for my haircut was much less than even the "haircut" price in the dream.


Cerise said...

Oh, it sounds like a serious nightmare! I hate that feeling of impotence, too--like the universe is conspiring against you and there's nothing you can do

How is your real haircut?

strovska said...

yes, it wasn't fun.

the real haircut...i guess it's okay, but frankly i think for $55 (not $300) i should go back to doing it on my own (maybe with some non-orange-handled scissors, though).