Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cruising along

I had multiple dreams last night, most of which I cant remember and should have blogged this morning to give you the full effect. Alas, I am using my time blogging now, as a way of procrastinating from much less important things :)
Anyway, the two dreams I remember include peripherally watching my sister prepare to get married (she is already married in real life). I remember her arranging purple sequined clothing in a pile with purple themed items and another pile of browns and deep orange. She seemed excited but did not notice I was there. I didn't make my presence known either. It was a short and quick dream.

The other dream I had was more eventful and exciting. I was sitting in a car that I used to have; a VW beetle (i.e. the newer ones), hanging outside the window but am attached to the door. I suddenly turn around and I see the dashboard brightly lit, but now am inside the car, but it is my current car instead of the beetle (weird, i know). I am trying to get on the 10 freeway, but the car wont move. I try to accelerate and the car at first doesn't move, but does after a turn of the steering wheel. I make a u-turn and I see on the dashboard in white and yellow signs of "check engine", "your car needs to be serviced" and then it turns into another sign that is brightly lit in rainbow colors but in the form of a jackal that is smiling. I just remember being freaked out, worried, and overwhelmed because of my past history with cars- there was a time when I was always getting into trouble with them.
I woke up to my phone ringing at 8am on a Saturday morning ending the hopes of sleeping in and forgetting this twisted dream.


I Hope So said...

the rainbow lit smiling jackal is very, very creepy.

Cerise said...

I completely agree--yikes!

strovska said...

haven't there been several dreams, by several different people, involving sequined clothing? i'm going to focus on that so i don't have to think about rainbow-colored smiling jackals.