Tuesday, November 20, 2007

old friends

In this dream, I was working at a retail store (in real life I work at Target), though in the dream I was part of the group who does the intense stocking and unloading of trucks in the middle of the night. Somehow, this became a health clinic. Anyway, the most memorable part of the dream was that an old friend from college (who I haven't talked to in years) came into the clinic for an abortion. This in itself is kind of funny because she's gay, and wouldn't tend to need services like abortions. Anyway, she was understandably upset, and it was my job to sort of facilitate helping her fill out paperwork, etc. At the same time, though, this was happening at the retail store, so there were lots of customers milling around. Then someone from some kind of anti-choice group brought a baby to us while we were walking. I guess this person wanted my friend to hold the baby in the hope that she'd change her mind, but the baby was screaming and crying because it wanted its mother, and I was upset at this activist because I wanted my friend to have some peace and quiet during this difficult time. Then, we had to contend with one part of the retail store closing. Apparently, I was responsible for putting up these big aisle blockers to let people know that the area was off-limits. All this time, my friend was waiting patiently.

I think there was more, but I can't remember it. Then, I dreamed that I was writing this up in the dream blog. It was a dream within a dream (a dweam wifin a dweam)...too weird.


strovska said...

i see my last tag led to the "abortion" tag (and the retail tag!). it's true, it's all a slippery slope....

it's so funny that you dreamed about recounting the dream here.

Curly Sue said...

I have those meta dreams occasionally. It's pretty strange to wake up for real afterward.

Cerise said...

Oh man. I got such a laugh out of "dweam wifin a dweam"!

David said...

Hey Curly Sue,

You guys have such a vivid, funny and weird dreams. I used to have dreams like these, but in some moment that changed. Now, I dream only when I have too many disturbing things into my mind (I have some of those right now). Some years ago, I could break up or stop dead the dream and became conscious inside the dream, but I had to practice a lot to do that and I haven't could do so for long, don't know why.

However: I remember being a teenager and dreaming in chapters; that is, I had a dream one night about something, then I woke up, and the next night I began dreaming just from the end of the last dream.

Thanks for your visit, CS :)