Friday, November 16, 2007

down with the royalty

where in the heck this dream came from, i couldn't even begin to guess... somehow me and prince william were best buds. and the dream was about us trying to make plans to hang out. we kept playing phone tag, with him leaving messages for me and vice versa. at one point in the dream i became rather amused because i realized how cool it was that i had the number to a back line at buckingham palace. the woman's voice on the voicemail greeting even had an english accent and she said something about if you are not known by the royal family and you leave a message, you will not get a return call - that you should call the main line instead. and i felt so cool that i could leave a message and my friend, the prince, would indeed return my call.

i am ridiculous.

update: i just re-read this post and laughed. because it was quite obvious that i wrote it RIGHT after i woke up.

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Cerise said...

I think this one should be tagged "confidence." I like it!