Friday, November 16, 2007

I blame Mandy and Rachel

So last night I dreamed about Adrien Brody--my first celebrity-dream contribution to ATICB, and probably inspired by it!

I think it began with me seeing a magazine cover showing him with his statuesque girlfriend and advertising how happy they were to have found true love--something like that. Then, it wasn't just the magazine, but Adrien and his girlfriend who were there in person, right in the middle of a group of my family. He was wearing a brown suit (cut like the ones he wears in The Darjeeling Limited), and she had gorgeous, shiny, dark brown, wavy hair. My mom was so excited to see him that she patted his leg. He and his girlfriend had been sort of curled up on the floor, but he got up (now wearing an ivory suit) and I realized that he wanted my seat on the sofa. I really felt very flattered and privileged to give him my seat. "It's time for my pedicure, anyway," I said, and walked across the room to the spa area, where I was apparently very late for my appointment. The woman frowned at me and it was clear that I was not going to have my best pedicure.

Then I woke up.


I Hope So said...

"it's time for my pedicure, anyway"

i snorted when i read this.

that's FUNNY.

strovska said...

yes, i was snorting too (well, chortling, really--or *snortling*?) i'm so proud that my adrien brody cameo inspired someone. he gets around!

oh boy, i'm still laughing....

strovska said...

oh, hey, adrien and britney are neck in neck now (2 each)! who will win?????

I Hope So said...

hahaha... the adrien and britney showdown.

'celebrities' are (is?) currently the most common theme in our dreams. that's very interesting.