Wednesday, November 14, 2007

don't forget to renew your auto insurance

i've been exhausted all day and i blame this dream:

it was just awful. i was trying to drive my explorer through town but the stick shift (i have an automatic in real life, haven't driven a standard in several years...) was on my left, in between me and the door. i had a hard time shifting with my left hand so i crossed my hands so that the left hand was steering and the right one was shifting. it was a very awkward way to drive and as i was rounding the corner i slammed into a parked car. both my car and the parked car were totaled.

and from there i end up finding out that i forgot to renew my auto insurance and so i actually had a lapse in coverage and i now had two completely ruined vehicles and no way to pay for them.

the rest of the dream was an exhausting exercise in problem solving.

and of course, the very first thing i did when i woke up was grab my laptop and log onto and make sure that i was, in fact, completely insured.

stupid dreams.


Cerise said...

Yikes! Maybe it's time to leave California?

Curly Sue said...

I hate it when my dreams coincide with some stress-inducing part of real life. I've had similar dreams about homework, rent, car maintenance, etc.

Give me lake/elephant dreams anytime.