Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Bachelor

I was wondering how TV shows get into our dreams, and last night it finally happened to me! I was dreaming of the show the bachelor. It was the end of the final episode, even though all the ladies were there congregating and talking. It was weird because I saw the bachelor, and he was full of emotion (trying to hide it, of course) and another girl crying. In the dream I was thinking, she (the one crying) must be the final one he chooses. I woke up wondering if I had a premonition about the final girl that the bachelor will choose. I guess time will tell.
By the way, what is even weirder, is that I haven't been watching this season of the bachelor at all.


strovska said...

i'm just so happy to see i'm not the only one with celebrity/tv dream invasions. i was beginning to worry.

Thee Hidden One said...

Lol..yes you are not alone :)