Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Abraham Lincoln

The other night I dreamed that I was hanging around my university waiting for my boyfriend to finish up in the class he was TA-ing. I somehow ended up backstage in the auditorium where the class was taking place. BNB, along with his fellow TAs, was involved in a role-playing class, in which they were assisting the professor by dressing up as characters in the lecture. I don't recall the topic of the lecture, or what the other TAs were wearing, but BNB was dressed as Abraham Lincoln, complete with fake beard/sideburns and stovepipe hat. I knew somehow that he was very embarrassed to be taking part in this lecture, and when the class was over, he ran backstage, quickly stripping off the fake beard and hat.


Cerise said...

Hmmmmm... would I rather dress up as a lecture character, or have to actually prepare and teach sections? Tough call.

strovska said...

hee! this wasn't influenced by that "your dreams miss you" commercial with the rodent and abraham lincoln, was it? in any case, it's an interesting twist.

Ellen said...

Was that a dream, or real life?