Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Speed Skating

Last night's dream was so strange that I had to repeat it aloud to myself so I'd remember it. I was a Tibetan Buddhist monk (male, apparently) and I, along with another Tibetan Buddhist monk, had been captured by the slightly crazy driver of a speedboat. There was some prelude to the capture, but I can't remember it. The speedboat was one of those really long, sleek boats that rise up out of the water when they're going really fast. At some point, the boat stopped (we were on a river) for a break, and my fellow monk and I slipped overboard. The captain and crew (a couple of guys and a couple of scantily-clad women with huge breasts) were looking for us at the riverbanks all around, while we were really clinging to the hull on the right side of the boat. While they were distracted, we decided to make our escape by speed skating over the surface of the water, heading upriver. It was quite exhilarating, going so fast over the water. The boat began to chase us, of course, but all was going well until we ran into the rest of our water speed skating team (apparently this was the goal all along). I was dismayed to learn that my partner this time would be Halle Berry (???), who I thought was pretty, but not a professional water speed skater. I was afraid she'd ruin my chance for escape, whereas the other girls on the team were stronger and faster. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, though, so we started skating in formation with all the others.


strovska said...

that's a pretty spectacular dream. i wish i were having interesting dreams lately, instead of just snippets and a steady stream of celebrities. speaking of which, i'm glad to see you've been infected by celebrity cameos too.

Cerise said...


I Hope So said...

if there was such a thing as a gold medal for best dream ever, i think you would win it.

speed boats
speed skating on water
big breasted women
halle berry

you can't make that stuff up.

Thee Hidden One said...

Yay for celebrity dreams!

strovska said...

i just have to second i hope so's comment. i woke up this morning frustrated because i hadn't dreamed about speed-skating monks.