Tuesday, October 16, 2007

making out! arrows! squirrels!

I think I'm stressed about having to sell a car, because I had yet another straying-husband dream last night. I hadn't had any of these for ages, but now this is the second one recently. There wasn't a lot of detail, but apparently he had "made out" (really, those were his words) with some girl "for an hour", and she had then written her phone number (sloppily! bad handwriting!), once on the side of his stomach, with an arrow pointing down in the general direction of his privates, and once on the side of his neck with an arrow pointing toward his ear.

There weren't a lot of other details, but somehow I had to confront the girl in a dingy room with my parents and a bunch of frat boys. The frat boys were laughing at me while guzzling beers; the girl started crying (and consequently made me feel guilty) and saying she didn't know he was married; and my mother told my husband to kiss this other girl (I was shocked and then she said, very dramatically, "You are kissing her goodbye!").

Of course this gets me a little bit of sympathy from him when I recount them, but these are getting old! I'm tired of waking up grumpy.

On a more positive (surreal?) note, my mother told me she had a dream about my grandmother turning into a squirrel.


Cerise said...

Ah! Somehow your descriptions of even your most harrowing dreams make me laugh out loud.

Kendra said...

how strange!

Curly Sue said...

You know that I've always been impressed by your dream life, but now that I am reading about it regularly, I'm even more amazed.

And apparently you get this from your mother (Mother Max!).