Friday, October 12, 2007


I was riding in a van with a group of people, including the boy I'd been obsessed with in high school. He was wearing a dark suit. He had been sitting beside me, but then he was behind me, gently rubbing my head, forehead and cheekbones. It felt amazing.

... If memory serves, it felt rather a lot the way it actually did when he did it 10 years ago.

If LSD is stored in fat cells and produces flashbacks when they're burned, maybe my happy high school memories are trapped somewhere, too, and released when I'm sleeping. I wouldn't mind.


I Hope So said...

ooh. i want to have a dream like this one.

Thee Hidden One said...

Wow. A massage sounds really nice right now.

strovska said...

hee! flashback dreams are fun, as long as they're the positive kind and not the having-to-go-back-to-high-school kind.