Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Diamond lip ring

I had forgotten this aspect of my dream until I interacted with my multiply-facially-pierced students this morning: I dreamed a woman had a lip ring that was a diamond stud, off-center and in the middle of her lower lip. It actually looked kind of cool, but I didn't realize until I thought about it this morning how completely impossible such a piercing would be.

I think the influences were probably a combination of shopping online for tiny "diamond" stud earrings and Mandy's sexy motherpucker.


I Hope So said...

haha! you have no idea how confused i was when i clicked on this blog and saw my lips. seriously, it took me at least 2.5 seconds to get my bearings.

also, i love how you used "ice" as a tag. that's very street of you.

Kendra said...

i knew right away those were mandy's lips too! but ONLY because she had that very picture on her blog too a few weeks ago!

Cerise said...

It was just such a perfect opportunity to re-use that beautiful picture!

Yes Is A World said...

oh wow! i totally thought it was I Hope So who posted that entry. Then was super confused when I clicked on the comments and she was all, "?!, Oh!"

Those are some seriously sexy lips. I need to get some sexy motherpucker.