Friday, October 12, 2007

teen horror flick and a runaway truck

started with me on a random college campus at night. i meet up with a group of girls and one of them was looking really rough, like she had just been beaten up and she had petechiae all over the side of her face, which i immediately knew to be as a result of someone bashing her head against a wall (what?). i recommended the group of girls take this girl into the bathroom and sit with her (she was very much out of it) while i run to the campus police/medic to get help.

when i made it to the campus police/medic i was asked a series of questions that i can't remember but all i do remember is that it was taking too long and i was getting frustrated. then the police guy/medic had to take a nap and pretty soon it was two days later and we were just now leaving the office to go to the bathroom where i had told the girls to wait.

of course the girl was dead by then. i then went home all distraught only to find that my new roommates were the dead girl's friends (there were like six of them now, girls and guys, all living with me) and i quickly figured out that this group of kids were responsible for their friends death and had planned the whole thing. so i of course got scared because i knew that they knew that i knew and so i kept to myself in my bedroom.

somehow everything morphed into me and my family standing in a parking lot and my brother's red truck began driving itself around the parking lot, gaining speed with each lap. i jumped into another car to chase it around the parking lot. the truck ended up leaving the lot and making it out into traffic. i continued to chase it. i could steer the truck from the car i was driving but the truck had to be in my line of sight. this was difficult because the truck was now going 100 mph and was far ahead of me. i just knew that it was going to crash into someone and kill them and then my family was going to be responsible. finally, the truck crossed a bridge and so i steered it off of the bridge into a large pile of dirt. the truck was ruined but no one was dead.


Cerise said...

Wasn't there another dream about steering another vehicle from one's own vehicle? Was that you? I'm getting total deja vu.

I Hope So said...

hmm. i think that was you, with the ice and steering the car with a bottle?

i do have a lot of driving dreams though and they are almost always about loosing control of the car in one way or another.

strovska said...

wow, those are some very cinematic dreams.

Cerise said...

I do remember that dream of mine, but I'm getting a match on being able to steer a different vehicle from the one the "driver" is in, as long as he or she could keep it in sight. It must have been a dream someone else just told me about.