Thursday, October 18, 2007

now with 50% more britney

The celebrity-cameo dreams are not letting up. Last night I dreamed about watching a discussion/argument between Britney Spears and her erstwhile husband. They were both lying on the ground, and when Britney was upset she would roll over several times. When Kevin Federline was upset, he would wave his feet wildly in the air, like a toddler. I think he was actually wearing a diaper under his blue-print "jams"-type shorts (there's a Blast from the Past for you--"jams"!). Later I was talking to a couple of girls I had studied with in Spain, and Mandy Moore came up in the conversation. I think I need to curtail my supermarket-queue reading of "US Weekly" and its ilk.


Cerise said...

Jams. Awesome. Today in the office we were talking about Swatches, and wearing multiple ones at once.

Curly Sue said...

I remember wishing that I, too, could wear multiple Swatches at once. I had one with a turquoise face and pink straps. Sexy. And jams...that's something I haven't thought about in years.

I'm trying to picture you standing in line, reading US Weekly. It's pretty hard, because my mental picture of you has you reading Dostoevsky and his ilk.

strovska said...

well, because i have to cultivate my image as a dostoevsky-reader, i have to limit my us weekly reading to supermarket checkout lines. i get very frustrated if the line goes too quickly and i miss my fix.