Monday, September 24, 2007


i wish that i could remember my grandpa. my dad's dad that is. (my mom's dad passed away before i was even born. i think in about 1975 he had a heart attack). my dad's dad lived until 1989 ~ i think. however, i don't remember him. i'm a 1981-er and when i was very young (maybe age 2ish) he became very ill and was bed ridden until his death. my grandma took care of him every single day. she never sent him to a home. talk about commitment! really the only memories of grandpa are him laying in bed. just laying there. grandma thinks he had Alzheimer's really severely, but i know there was a lot more to it than that. there is one photo of my grandpa with me and my older brother. i wish i had that photo but it's in michigan with my parents.

so the dream was really interesting because in the dream, grandpa was still alive and mike was getting to meet him. it was so strange though because it was like i was getting to know grandpa at the same time. it was so surreal.

now mike has met one of my grandma's... dad's mom. but he has not yet met my mom's mom. i feel like the dream was a sign that we need to get our butt's up to michigan so that he can meet her. she doesn't have much time left and i want him to meet her before it's too late. i can't change the scenario with my grandpa's, but spending some time with grandma is in our control.

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